11-12 August

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Sao Paulo, 11-12 August 2011

Dearest Sisters,

Looking at our apostolic situation: according to our schedule, that was our program for 10 August. And, in fact, very early yesterday morning we boarded a tour bus and left the Cidade Regina community (where our encounter is being held) and headed for Sao Paulo so as to take a closer look at the apostolic situation of our sisters of Brazil.

Our first visit of the day was to COMEP, the province’s music sector, where we also participated in a Eucharistic Celebration. Afterward, we went to the Domingos de Morais community, where the administration offices, Internet, Marketing Department and a big book center are all located. This was followed by a stop at the Pauline apostolic headquarters (“Centrale Paolina”)–a new structure that houses the circumscription’s book and magazine publishing sectors, multimedia, radio and TV departments, and SEPAC (Pastoral Communications Service).

Accompanied by enthusiastic and very hospitable members of the province, we visited each apostolic sector, asked questions about the activities carried out there and met the staff. We rejoiced to see the commitment of the sisters and their lay collaborators and marveled at how efficiently everything is organized.

Our tour of the apostolate ended in the beautiful Chapel of Jesus Master, located in the heart of the Centrale Paolina. The chapel is open all day so that anyone who wants to stop in and pray is free to do so.

With this excellent “prelude” yesterday, today we launched into the work that will lead us step by step to draw up our Global/Continental Apostolic Project.

In our work groups, we evaluated the Vision-Mission-Values statement drawn up by the General Government for the whole Congregation and refined by the Interchapter Assembly in January 2011. Afterward, we examined the key problem which, on the general level, was pinpointed during the Interchapter as the element that is blocking (or “challenging”) our Pauline mission today. On the basis of this study, we then tried to determine our key problem on the level of the Americas, reaching a convergence of ideas in our subsequent general assembly.

This was not easy to do. Everyone immediately realized the need to identify our real key problem and not confuse it with its all-too-evident consequences: loss of the meaning of life and of respect for the person, the break-up of families, social injustice, corruption, violence, ecological devastation, the manipulation of the media, etc. Now we are ready to pinpoint our Global Continental Objective.

The work ahead of us will be very demanding. We need your prayers and support more than ever. Thanks for your solidarity with us!

Sr. Anna Caiazza

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