18 August

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Sao Paulo, 18 August 2011

Dearest Sisters,

We have reached the tenth and last day of our Meeting for the Apostolate-Economy for the American continent. Today we gave thanks to the Lord for all the gifts he poured out on us in this time as we worked and searched together in intensive prayer and communion.

We raised a fervent Magnificat to heaven during the Hour of Adoration that opened our day and prolonged it in the subsequent sharing session, in which everyone expressed their enthusiasm, trust and the great hope that we will continue to move ahead as a single “body,” confident that the Lord will continue to help us “build” the future of the Pauline mission on this continent. With one accord, everyone voiced their sincere thanks to the General Government, the Preparatory Commission, Sr. Battistina (our expert facilitator) and our Brazilian sisters for their organization and generous hospitality.

Sr. M. Antonieta, Superior General, reminded us that “pursuing the paths of the new evangelization means anchoring our lives ever-more deeply in Jesus Christ and his Word.” She underscored that redesigning our mission in America depends first of all on the quality of our faith and our capacity to listen to the Word. In view of this, she invited us to allow the Lord to fecundate our life with his Word so as to generate the renewal of the apostolate that we yearn for and toward which we are striving. In conclusion, she said: “Nothing should be more important than the proclamation of the Good News to everyone. Only in this way will you play a significant role in the new evangelization, implementing new proposals and initiatives passionately, creatively, fearlessly and prophetically-a desire that you yourselves expressed in your continental objective.”

Our joy and thanksgiving to God were concretized in the concluding Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Dom Tomé Ferreira da Silva, Bishop of the Ipiranga region of Sao Paulo. The Liturgy opened with a dance by the same novices who, at the beginning of this encounter, sang the slogan of our meeting while carrying to the altar the Bible and our Pauline logo.

At the Offertory, other sisters carried to the altar bread and wine, along with a copy of our Continental Apostolic Project, the fruit of our work in these days.

Sisters, I want to end this news flash by thanking you all for the many messages of encouragement and the promises of prayers that you sent us by email and through our blog. We felt you all very close to us, supporting us with your affection and hope. To each and everyone one of you our sincere THANKS!

Sr. Anna Caiazza


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