18 June

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Toward a Global/Continental Apostolic Project

This morning, the altar and podium of our chapel were clothed in the colors of Pakistan and a lovely hymn in Urdu welcomed Fr. Angelo, SSP, our Eucharistic celebrant of the day. The morning prayer that opens our daily work was also guided by our Pakistani sisters, who used a power point program in harmony with the theme of the Liturgy’s entrance hymn to show us the various ways the Pauline apostolate is carried out in their circumscription. The lively program moved us to thank the Lord for the wonders he is accomplishing through the “small flock” of Pauline apostles working so industriously in this nation.

This morning we met on the small group level to evaluate the formulation of the Vision-Mission-Values of the Institute drawn up by the General Government and fine-tuned by the Interchapter assembly in January 2011. After reflecting on the key problem facing our mission on the global level, we then attempted to formulate the key problem facing our mission in Asia. This will enable us to determine our apostolic objective on the continental level.

In the afternoon, we met in general assembly to come to an initial convergence of thought regarding the points that emerged in the five study groups.

Our journey is becoming more and more concrete’a fact that is reflected in the growing sense of commitment on the part of the participants, who are working intensively.

But we have to admit that we did take a small break: our day ended with a mini-celebration prepared by our Korean sisters a festive moment filled with music, dance and color.

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