21 June

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With the Daring and the Passion of Paul

United to all the Daughters of St. Paul throughout the world, this morning we began the novena to the Father from whom we take our name and whose daring and passionate proclamation of the Gospel we strive to imitate. Today, the Lord extends to us the same invitation he extended to Abram (“Rise up and walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I will give it to you”: Gn. 13:17) and to Paul (“Rise up and go for I am sending you far away”: Acts 22:10, 21).

“Rise up” is the key phrase of our redesigning process. To hear it resounding powerfully once again today “gave wings” to the final stage of our journey, which this morning consisted of a third and last “case study,” dedicated to seeking and choosing the ways to be present in our territory. In our work groups, we drew up-or rather, refined-some of the proposals that had emerged in the preceding days regarding the development of channels of diffusion, shared management, the redesigning of our structures, formation, etc.

The proposals were varied but in the afternoon, after a suitable interval in which to “meditate” on the rough draft of our Project, we proceeded to pinpoint our priorities. On the basis of this, tomorrow we will begin to set down the details involved in this concrete and shared plan of action, specifying stages, timeframes and persons responsible for various duties.

 We are very busy but serene, fortified by the prayers ascending to God on our behalf from every part of the world. Times of relaxation among ourselves and with our sisters of the Seoul-Miari community are not lacking. The big Miari community is divided into six smaller groups, significantly named Faith, Hope, Love, Joy, Peace and Docility, and this evening each group opened its doors in warm hospitality to the representatives of our various circumscriptions so as to participate more fully in their life and apostolic activities.

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