22 June

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Our Global/Continental Project Takes Shape

The Word that the Liturgy offers us each day continues to accompany us in a marvelous and effective way, prompting us to recall the stages on which our apostolic vocation is founded.

In fact, in today’s first reading, the Lord’s covenant with Abram immediately brings to mind the Pact the young Fr. Alberione made with the Blessed Trinity and the promise of Jesus Master to our Founder. It is thanks to this promise that we continue to move ahead fearlessly, confident that the Lord is with us and that he is revealing to us a future rich in hope.

As the morning progressed, we took the first steps to “root” the priorities chosen to help us redesign our diffusion within the concrete contexts of our individual circumscriptions. As we said yesterday, our priorities move in the direction of developing channels of dissemination, shared management and a global redesigning of our diffusion structures. Ample space was dedicated to a comparison of ideas regarding how to concretize certain points that involve the entire continent.

Our Continental Meeting also offers us space for “mini-meetings” on the operative level. And so, this afternoon, the sisters of APCT (Asia-Pacific Coordination Team) met with the Superior General and the superiors of our Asia-Pacific circumscriptions for an initial evaluation of the service carried out by the team in these past months. The encounter also offered the participants the chance to define the team’s management criteria more clearly, explore collaboration possibilities among the circumscriptions, etc.

Before concluding this news flash, we want to take the opportunity to thank our sisters of the Miari community for their warm and generous attention to all our needs. How many sisters are involved in providing these hidden services? We don’t know but we suspect it is all of them because everything is accomplished in such a discreet and well-organized way. A small example: the beautiful vase of fresh flowers placed on the coordinators’ desk in the assembly hall every day and the snacks set out for us with such artistry.


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