info – 16 January 2012

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Today was dedicated to pinpointing and communicating the elements of the charism that must absolutely be kept in mind in considering our apostolic situations. Sr. Anna Caiazza’s report relaunched the theme of apostolic passion–an indispensable dimension of the Pauline vocation that expands our horizons and that can give our life an overwhelming interior thrust. It was important to hear once again what the term “having a heart aflame” means, namely: “to burn with zeal,” as our Founder would say; and also what it means to be active in contemplation and contemplative in action, living the apostolic mysticism proper to our charism in the concrete circumstances of daily life.

Afterward, we listened to a very interesting historical review of the six Continental and International Meetings for the Apostolate-Administration held from 1987 up to today. These encounters prompted us to search for, share and experiment with various apostolic initiatives so as to keep our mission vibrant and foster its progress. In the present stage of our journey, we will be focusing
on diffusion in a special way.

Tomorrow will be an intensive day, made up of deeper study, reflection and a comparison of ideas.

Step by step we are entering more profoundly into our theme: Imbued with the Word, we trace out new paths for our mission. A very positive atmosphere permeates our group–everyone is expecting something new, expressed in a concrete way.

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