info-17 January 2012

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This morning we immersed ourselves in the apostolate more concretely, taking into special consideration the book center, viewed through the lens of the long experience and competence of Dr. Romano Montroni, a consultant for a big chain of Italian book stores. For Dr. Montroni, a book store is an act of love and trust in culture and a wonderful asset for people provided it has a “soul”….
In his talk, Dr. Montroni made reference to our Pauline apostolic ideal, urging us to take great care of our book centers because they are very precious. In his opinion, the powerful provocations linked to the many changes taking place in society today can be overcome by the principles of hard work, ethical behavior, uprightness, strong motivations and solid professional training–attitudes that should distinguish not only our own commitment to the Pauline mission but also that of our lay personnel.

In the afternoon, Bishop Claudio Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, spoke to us about the Challenges of the Digital Age. His conference centered on the great impact that communications, especially the new media, is making on the contemporary world and what we must do to transform these instruments into channels for proclaiming the Word.

ccording to Bishop Celli, websites and social networks are the great challenges of the moment and if the Church were to ignore them she would be “guilty in the sight of God,” as Pope Paul VI put it. Bishop Celli then went on to say that it is the duty of the Daughters of St. Paul to courageously and wisely seek out the most appropriate and effective means for communicating the message of the Gospel, while at the same time remaining completely faithful to its content. He added that we should not be afraid to dialogue with believers and non-believers alike and concluded by advising us to give due space to the technological aspect of our charism but not to neglect its anthropological facet, taking care to communicate above all from the heart.

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