info-20 january 2012

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Today, which began with a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Vincenzo Marras, provincial superior of the Society of St. Paul, was dedicated to the theme of economy in rela-tion to the Pauline mission.

In her talk, Sr. Annamaria Gasser helped us enter the world of logistics and take a closer look at the laws that regulated the global economy in the last century. With her help, we came to a better grasp of the dynamics that are changing both the vision and application of this science. The call was to change some of the criteria that govern our actions with regard to economy so as to not only maintain our activities but also expand and develop them. In actual fact, the economic aspect of our mission makes a significant impact on our apostolic choices and often conditions them.

Sr. Gabriella Santon, bursar general, gave continuity to this theme, already addressed in the two preceding continental meetings, by underscoring the need for balance between the apostolate and economy. This is one of the most important challenges we face because econ-omy is at the service of apostolate. What is necessary is wise administration, which, in essence, consists in collaboration and coordination between our various apostolic sectors, finding the proper balance between income and expenses, and good organization.

Following an interesting comparison of ideas with both speakers, the participants then spent the afternoon discussing what they think the future holds for our European book centers–a journey that should be open to hope and marked by collaboration with the laity.

Sr. Battistina, our facilitator, then presented some of the conclusions that emerged in the meeting of our sisters who attended the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2011) concerning pub-lishing in Europe, as well as the suggestions offered during the meeting on digital technology (Rome, September 2011). These conclusions and proposals will have an important role to play in the coming days, during which we will be drawing up our Global Continental Project.

Thank you, sisters, for the messages you continue to send us via our website. We are close to you all in prayer and affection.

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