info-22 january 2012

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We began the day by tackling our study topics in a spirit of faith and hope, allowing ourselves to be guided by the readings of the Sunday Liturgy. Like the prophet Jonah, we too felt addressed to us the words: “Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh…”: an urging to set out decisively for the “Nineveh” composed of our various countries, filled with people to whom the Lord asks us to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and point out the path leading to true happiness. We participated in the Eucharistic Liturgy with immense gratitude to Jesus Master who, passing through
the “Galilee” of our daily lives, said to us as he did to his first disciples: “Come. Follow me.”  And during the Offertory, we renewed our reply: “Here I am.”

Our Sunday was “sanctified” by the work programmed by our schedule. The first thing we did was to share the conclusions of the workshop on diffusion that took place yesterday. This sharing revealed several areas on which we want to concentrate our attention: the new image we want to give our Pauline book centers; improvement of our organization of the centers so as to optimize our resources; the apostolic-professional formation of our lay collaborators; the new technologies, and collaboration with one another on the continental level.

Our work will continue tomorrow as we attempt to plan the course we want to pursue over the short, medium and long term. As we move toward the end of our encounter, we feel an ever deeper sense of responsibility to ensure that our desires and plans take concrete root, and we continue to pray for this intention.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all the sisters who are “taking care” of us: Sr. Lucia Simula, the expert manager of the St. Paul House, who looks after our every need; the sisters of SICOM, who make sure that our website keeps everyone up to date on what we are doing in these days; all the sisters of the Generalate community, who provide us with a variety of services; and the priests who celebrate daily Mass for us. Thanks once again also to you, dear sisters, who continue to support us with your prayers and affectionate messages.

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