20 May 2012

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Nairobi, the “green city under the sun,” offered a luminous welcome to the participants in our Continental Meeting for the Apostolate-Economy for Africa-Madagascar.

Everyone is filled with joy, enthusiasm and great hope at the prospect of tracing out together a new journey of evangelization in the light of the needs of Africa, the path marked out by the Church especially in the aftermath of the Synod for Africa, and the ways the FSPs of this continent are seeking to meet the needs of the people through their publishing and diffusing activities. All this will help them to draw up a Global Continental Apostolic Project.

The encounter opened with a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Sabino Ayestaran, a Spanish Franciscan and professor of social psychology, who has already guided several formation meetings for our sisters of East Africa.

In her opening address, Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato pointed out that “by happy and unintentional coincidence, we are beginning our Continental Meeting for the Apostolate-Economy on the Feast of the Ascension, which this year is combined with World Communications Day”–two events that, in her opinion, “cast light on our missionary presence and can offer us helpful input for the coming days.” She said she hoped our work would “go ahead well and help us to trace out new paths for our mission, sustained by the bold and prophetic faith that makes it possible for us to say with Paul: ‘We believe and therefore we speak’ (2 Co. 4:13), and that reinforces our conviction that it is urgent to offer everyone ‘the charity of the truth.’”

Thank you all for your prayers for us and for the messages we’ve received from you. You can continue to follow our activities on the www.paoline.org website, where you can see pictures of us, write to us and share our resource material. See you tomorrow.

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