24 June

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Onward, Daughters of St. Paul of Asia and the Pacific!

The tenth and last day of our Continental Meeting for the Apostolate-Administration opened with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration in which the whole Miari community participated along with us. The Liturgy was accompanied by a full FSP choir and initiated with a liturgical dance of the Magnificat on the part of the postulants.

At the Offertory, in addition to the bread and wine, a copy of our Continental Apostolic Project was carried to the altar, to the great pleasure of all the sisters, who worked so hard to produce this document. In fact, the Project is an important step forward in the process of redesigning our mission so as to move ahead more rapidly along the path of the new evangelization in harmony with the whole Church.

In his homily, Fr. Maggiorino Ahn, Provincial Superior of the SSP, spoke about the new evangelization, emphasizing that it is “an important platform for renewing the Pauline apostolate.”

Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General, also focused on this subject in her concluding address, urging us to penetrate more and more the logic of the word new as applied to evangelization. She said that evangelization today must be kindled by new passion, that is, the fire of love that prompts us to dedicate our whole life to the proclamation of the Gospel, mindful in particular of those who are “farthest away.”

It must be invigorated by new methods, because by virtue of our apostolic vocation we have an obligation to keep pace with society, allowing ourselves to be formed by communications and its new languages and by wisely discerning what instruments we should use. Evangelization today must also be expressed in new ways, because our apostolic mission “does not consist in evangelizing people who lived ten centuries ago but those who live today.”

Thus we have been invited to move ahead, taking concrete steps to follow the new paths the Spirit is opening for the Pauline mission in Asia and the Pacific.

Our sincere THANKS to all of you who have been following our activities through this web site!


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