info-18 january 2012

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Every day, our Eucharistic Celebration is animated by one of the different circumscriptions present at our meeting. Today, the first day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, our Liturgy was celebrated by Fr. José Salud Paredes, ssp general councilor, and animated by our sisters of Portugal. In thanking the Lord for the journey of communion being made by the members of many different Christian Churches, we also prayed for the paths we are attempting to trace out together in Europe and Quebec, Canada, so as to carry out the Pauline mission in a more effective and inculturated way.

This morning we worked intensively in our small groups, reflecting on the priority areas that should be taken into consideration in our Global Apostolic Project (the content on which to focus, the revitalization of our apostolic passion, the new technologies to adopt, the continued integration of our production and diffusion sectors, etc.). We also discussed how to accompany our European circumscriptions in implementing this Project.

We worked with such application all morning that by noon we felt the need for a break and thus after our midday meal we went on a short excursion to Cinecittà (the Italian version of Hollywood,
USA), where we entered the “dreamworld” of the cinema. In two well-packed hours, two very able and enthusiastic guides took us on a tour of what has been called Italy’s “dream factory,” showing us the sets where segments of several famous movies were filmed. Our itinerary took us down Broadway Avenue to visit the set where Martin Scorsese’s movie, Gangs of New York, was filmed, and then on to many other sets, including a reproduction of Imperial Rome. The tour culminated with a visit to so-called “Studio n. 5,” with its many echoes of Fellini.

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