info-19 january 2012

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Our day opened with a very moving and expressive Eucharistic Celebration. During the en-trance procession, our entire group filed up to the altar and each sister poured a little water from a pitcher into a communal cup. At the end of the Mass, we once more approached the altar, this time two by two, and blessed our partner with the water we had poured into the cup–a symbol of our common search, our common prayer, our dialogue with one another and our desire for deeper communion and collaboration among our circumscriptions.

After breakfast, we gathered in our small groups to reflect on the Vision-Mission-Values of the Institute–a text drawn up by the General Government and completed by the Interchapter Assembly in January 2011. We then attempted to identify the key problem that is posing an obstacle to our mission on the continental level. This was followed by the effort to determine our global continental objective. When we gathered in generally assembly, our comparison of ideas regarding the input that had emerged in the four study groups brought us to an initial convergence of thought in these areas.

As we move ahead, our journey is becoming-more demanding but also more concrete. This “concreteness” was prolonged in an evening work session, during which we listened to the presentation of a music project aimed at fostering collaboration among the FSPs of Europe.

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