30 May 2012

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Today is the tenth and last day of our Continental Meeting for the Apostolate-Economy in Africa-Madagascar.

During our Eucharistic Celebration this morning, we carried to the altar, along with the bread and wine, a copy of our Continental Apostolic Project, the fruit of our work in these days. Later in the day, we raised a fervent and profound Magnificat to God during our Hour of Adoration and the sharing session that followed it, expressing our joy for everything we had “built together” in this encounter, as well as for the bonds of communion that the Lord reinforced and confirmed among us. We also thanked our General Government, the encounter’s Preparatory Commission, our methodologist Fr. Sabino, our sisters of the Nairobi community for their generous hospitality and attention to our needs, and all our young women in formation, who lightened our days with their joyous presence.

In concluding our meeting, Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General, urged us to make the proclamation of the Good News our top priority, saying that the path of the new evangelization can be traveled only by those who are tabernacles of Jesus Christ, the Light of the world (cf. Africae Munus, 162). She then went on to say: “We must now implement the initiatives that were decided on here, all together, using the instruments of our apostolate to form upright consciences sensitive to the requirements of reconciliation, justice and peace–Gospel values that must be integrated into our personal and communitarian experience as believers.”

At the end of this final news flash, we also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you, sisters, for supporting us with your abundant prayers and numerous messages of encouragement.

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