info-21 january 2012

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This morning, the semi-dark atmosphere of the chapel was illuminated by many small candles, which the participants in our continental meeting carried to the sanctuary and placed before an icon of Mary, Theotokos–a title by which she is venerated in a special way by Orthodox Christians. This sign of ecumenical communion, made during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, was expanded into a heartfelt plea to the Mother of God to smooth the path of our own sharing sessions.

With renewed awareness and hope, we then immersed ourselves in the work of the day. On the small group level, we began to reflect on the primary concern of this meeting, namely, diffusion through our Pauline Book & Media Centers, and to share ideas in this regard.

Three study sheets (Poverty and the Book Center’s Earning Capacity, Diffusion and Animation, and Use of the Digital Technologies and Our Presence Online) gave direction to our work, which aimed at pinpointing orientations on both the local and continental levels in view of sketching out our Continental Apostolic Project.

Our work was both concentrated and well focused. Afterward we met as a general assembly and discussed some of the orientations regarding diffusion that had emerged in our study groups. These elements sum up everything we have done over the previous days and also direct us to the future. The points on which our thoughts converge are very clear.

Tomorrow we will continue this stage of our work, but tonight we are taking time out for a communal recreation composed of songs, skits, dances and…ice cream!

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