17 June

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The “Fire” of Mission

This morning’s Eucharistic Celebration was guided by our sisters of Japan who, with the help of our Chinese sisters, sang the Sanctus in Japanese. The amazing thing was that such a tiny choir was able to produce such a melodious, harmonious and passionate rendition of this liturgical prayer…

And our work today, once again dedicated to reflecting on our situation, was truly colored by passion.

Sr. Anna Caiazza, General Councilor, spoke on the theme: The Pauline Mission: When Our Hearts Are Inflamed…, underscoring that the mystical dimension of the apostolate is an innate part of our apostolic vocation and a fundamental presupposition for effective missionary activity. We must never cease to beg the Spirit, “the Fire of God” par excellence, to help us continually revitalize the motivations that incite us to carry out the apostolate creatively. Sr. Anna concluded her talk with the statement: “Probably many steps will need to be taken to redesign our mission. But even if a thousand steps are involved, it is necessary to start with the first, namely, to rekindle our passion for the apostolate, transforming ourselves into fire!”

Sr. Anna’s talk was followed by a very interesting Symposium, to which sisters from various circumscriptions contributed. Each one briefly listed the charismatic principles that, in her opinion,  undergird our apostolic activities and then sketched out her vision of what “face” our Pauline book centers should present to the world in the near future. Our group work this afternoon aimed at coming to a convergence of ideas on this subject.

And so, step by step, we are moving toward a Global/Continental Apostolic Project.

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