16 June

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Challenges Facing the Pauline Mission in Asia and the Pacific

Our daily Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated by one of the Pauline priests from the nearby SSP Provincialate community and is animated by turn by the circumscriptions participating in our meeting.

This morning’s prayer guides were our sisters of the Philippines-Thailand-Malaysia-Papua New Guinea Province. The Liturgies are celebrated in Italian and English and can be easily followed thanks to a pamphlet in four languages (Italian, English, Korean and Japanese) prepared by the sisters of our host community.

This morning, two guest speakers: Dr. Paul Hwang Kyung-hoon, director of the Center for the Theology of Solidarity in Asia, and Fr. Ambrogio Kee Tae Baek, SSP, helped us reflect more deeply on the theme of our meeting: Imbued with the Word, we trace our new paths for our mission.

Dr. Paul encouraged us to use the Pauline apostolate to immerse ourselves in the poverty-stricken and conflict-ridden situation of Asia and urged us to be open to change, making the most of the laity by allowing them to genuinely collaborate in our mission. Fr. Ambrogio spoke about redesigning the apostolate, saying that this includes renewing the image of our Pauline book centers by transforming them into a “crossroads”-that is, places for meeting and dialoguing with people, and for providing them with spiritual-cultural animation.

The subjects to be discussed and the challenges to be met are abundant and we tackled both this afternoon in our work sessions on the small-group level.


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