19 June

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From korea unanimous praise of the Trinity

Today we participated in a very beautiful Eucharistic Liturgy to celebrate the Feast of the Blessed Trinity. Our Indian sisters underscored our worship of the Father, Son and Spirit with the offering of flowers, incense and candles during the doxology as we prayed for the blessing of the Triune God upon the whole universe, the Congregation and the participants in this continental meeting.

Our praise of God found a natural outlet in the prayer, The Pact-Fr. Alberione’s covenant with the Blessed Trinity. Then, to our surprise, Fr. Giuseppe, the celebrant of the day, suddenly pulled out a saxophone and treated us to a musical rendition of the Secret of Success. As you can imagine, this was an excellent beginning to our morning’s work, which involved a deeper reflection on redesigning our economy.

In her conference, Sr. Annamaria Gasser helped us come to a better grasp of “the laws and reasoning that have regulated the economy over the last century, in an attempt to understand the dynamics that are changing the vision and application of this science.” She said that we need to change some of the parameters that govern our behavior on the economic plane if we want to not only maintain but also expand the radius of our activities and develop them.

The talk of Sr. M. Gabriella Santon, Bursar General, reinforced this appeal by emphasizing the need for a balanced relationship between apostolate and economy, one of the biggest challenges we face today because, as she said, “we must not forget that our economy is at the service of apostolate and the apostolate gives continuity and solidity to our economy.”

In the afternoon, we participated in a workshop on the theme of management and profitability so as to learn how to work with regard to estimates-investments, evaluation and monitoring. The methodology we followed was that of  “study cases,” which triggered a lively debate and guided us toward a convergence of thought and the formulation of a concrete proposal.

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