20 June

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Where the Lord Is Leading Us 

«Abram set out, as the Lord directed him». This statement from the Book of Genesis proposed by today’s Liturgy captures very well the desire of the sisters gathered here for the Continental Meeting for the Apostolate-Administration. Each participant feels the need to recognize the new paths the Lord is opening for the Pauline mission so as to be ready to “set out” for the place toward which he is leading us, sowing seeds of hope along the way. All this was clearly expressed in the hymn, Here I Am, Lord, which opened today’s Eucharistic Celebration.

This spirit of complete availability is also reinforcing our awareness of thecommunitarian dimension of our mission and the need to make the best use possible of our resources so as to carry out diffusion activities co-responsibly. This, in synthesis, was the focus of our group work this morning, during which we came to a convergence of thought (thanks to the enlightenment we received in the previous days) concerning several areas of our apostolate and economy that need improvement. These insights will be helpful to us in drawing up the important “chapters” of our Global/Continental Apostolic Project.

Things are moving ahead at a quick and steady pace here in Seoul. Today we want to say a special word of thanks to our translators: Sr. Francesca Matsuoka and Sr. Concettina Kido for Japanese; Sr. Evangelina Canag and Sr. Anne Plathara for English; Sr. Gemma Shim and Sr. M. Teresa Kim for Korean, and Sr. Ida Porrino for Chinese. The fecundity of our work depends to a significant degree on this “behind the scenes” service, which requires professional skill, great dedication and the ability to listen respectfully to others.

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