27 May 2012

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This morning, a vibrant Eucharistic Liturgy animated by our sisters of the Congo helped us joyously celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the day on which Jesus fulfilled his promise: “When the Advocate comes whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth that proceeds from the Father, he will testify to me. And you also will testify to me” (Jn. 15:26-27). Jesus called frightened, self-preoccupied men to witness to him, and yet, as Fr. Sabino emphasized in his homily, the Spirit exploded into their lives, transforming them into bold, creative and wise prophets.

The Spirit has always been present in human history, which he continues to shape and lead toward the fulfillment of God’s plan. This itinerary–made up of lights and shadows, virtue and grace, war and peace, positive advances and clamorous retreats–helps humanity draw ever closer to the values of the Gospel. The Spirit also acts in the hearts of individuals, freeing them from the chains that prevent them from moving ahead, making them aware of their mission to help construct a world in conformity to the plan of God.

We are very much aware of our responsibility in this regard–a responsibility that we want to accept, not avoid. It is with this attitude that we have begun the third stage of our work, namely, to determine how the FSPs of Africa-Madagascar can respond to the needs of this part of the world–a response that will be sketched out in our Continental Apostolic Project.

Our work began with input on the part of our circumscriptions concerning the two principles of the charism that must absolutely be kept in mind when considering our apostolic situation, and a consideration of the future of our diffusion apostolate, especially through our book centers. The convergence of thought in the group continues to be exceptional–a sign of the collaboration that our sisters in this part of the world have been carrying out among themselves for years now.

Following the same procedure used in the two earlier stages, our work groups each drew up a diagram of concrete actions that will be brought into clearer focus tomorrow through the input of another expert: Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General.

Before closing, we want to thank the sisters of our Nairobi community for the generous service and abundant prayer with which they are accompanying our activities. And sincere thanks also to our young women in formation, who keep the atmosphere of the house bright and upbeat with their joyful presence and music. May the fire of the Spirit increase their passion for God and for humanity!

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