16 August

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Sao Paulo, 16 August 2011

Dearest Sisters,

Today, World Youth Day opened in Madrid, Spain. Our thoughts and prayers are centered on the more than two million young people who, from now until 21 August, will be gathered around Pope Benedict XVI so as to bring the world–“their” world filled with its many uncertainties and hopes–to the heart of this great universal event, a time rich in opportunities to grow in communion, fortify one’s faith and make important choices in life.

And speaking of choices, we too were called to make quite a few today. Our work over the preceding days was concretized in proposals drawn up in our work groups and then shared in general assembly, where we came to a rapid convergence of thought. This morning, after a suitable interval during which we reread and reflected on the rough draft of those proposals, we then proceeded to select our priorities. This afternoon, we concretized them by specifying stages, timeframes and the persons/groups that will take responsibility for overseeing/coordinating the chosen activities.

It is very clear to us that the redesigning of our diffusion sector must be based on several essential principles linked to our charism, namely: wise administration; co-responsible and organic management and the centrality of the Word, the foundation of our apostolic vocation, which makes us attentive to the signs of the times and to the needs of our receivers/interlocutors.

Our Global/Continental Apostolic Project is now a reality. We are profoundly grateful to the Lord for blessing us with a serene and passionate journey toward this goal. And we thank our sisters in every part of the world for their continual prayers for us. That prayerful support has truly fortified and supported us in our work.

This evening we will be taking an “apostolic” break: sisters from several different circumscriptions will tell us about new projects and/or particularly significant activities being carried out in their territories.

Meanwhile, our Mini-Fair of American Pauline Products continues, with a lively and interesting exchange (buying and selling) of respective “rights.”

Sr. Anna Caiazza


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