15 August

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Sao Paulo, 15 August 2011

Dearest Sisters,

At every latitude of the world today, the Catholic Church is celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. The first of all the disciples of Jesus to resurrect to new life, she was also the first to believe that everything the Lord said to her would come to pass.

Today we placed in the hands of Mary, the Star of the Church’s new evangelization, the Continental Apostolic Project that we are constructing, little by little, with great commitment and hope.

The first step we took in that direction today was to share ideas on the group and assembly levels concerning the content of our third and last case study: The Search for and Choice of Ways To Be Present in Our Territory. As always, our comparison of ideas in assembly was very enlightening, above all in giving direction to the summary of our work made at the end of each day. These summaries are the “jewel box” from which we will be drawing forth ideas regarding the areas we want to invest in and which will set the pace for concretizing and evaluating our activities.

Since we will begin this job tomorrow, today we can’t tell you anything concerning the results of our work. In place of that, we will say a few words about our very enjoyable recreation last night.

After supper, we gathered in the big hall in which we hold our daily general assemblies. There we sang songs in different languages and various sisters performed dances and skits. The funniest of these was entitled, The Wedding of Miss Economy and Mr. Apostolate. At the end of the evening, we exchanged small gifts typical of our homelands. For a first-hand look at our festivities, please see the photos posted on our blog.

Many thanks once again for the many affectionate messages you continue to send us.

Sr. Anna Caiazza


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