14 August

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Sao Paulo, 14 August 2011

Dearest Sisters,

“Woman, you have great faith. Let your desire be granted.” These admiring words of Jesus, which conclude the Gospel passage from Matthew proposed by today’s Liturgy, made a deep impression on us because we truly hope that our faith as “women on fire for God and for humanity” will obtain from him all the graces we need to carry out the projects that are according to his will and also discern the new paths that his Spirit is opening to our mission on this continent.

We plunged into our work today with this attitude, invigorated with fresh awareness and hope. In our small groups and then in general assembly, we reflected together and shared ideas on another case study, this one entitled: The Management of Content and the Optimal Use of Resources at Various Levels of the Organization. Our work was intense and well targeted and as a result, in the general assembly, we easily came to a convergence of thought on several fundamental points that sum up the material we assimilated in the preceding days. In this way, little by little, we are beginning to sketch out the features of our Global/Continental Apostolic Project, which we want to be ever more deeply rooted in the unchanging principles of our charism. Tomorrow we will continue this work by tackling another case study.

In the meantime, this evening we are all invited to participate in a beautiful recreation that will present the colors, music and pageantry of the various cultures of America.

Since today’s news flash is very brief, we want to make the most of this space to thank the many sisters here in the Cidade Regina community who are so attentive to all our needs: Sr. Natalina and her collaborators, the many sister who carry out various technical services for us and who keep our blog updated, and also our Pauline brothers who live nearby and who come over to celebrate Mass for us every day.

Please continue to pray for us and to follow our activities via the www.paoline.org website. We’ll be in touch again tomorrow.

Sr. Anna Caiazza


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