info-24 january 2012

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During our Eucharistic Celebration this morning, the opening hymn and the Word of God urged us to contemplate the Good Shepherd, the heart and unifying point of the flock, which he loves, gathers around himself and protects. The petitions of the Prayer of the Faithful, which embraced the earth’s manifold peoples, cultures and religions, were proclaimed in different languages, reminding us of the countless needs of contemporary humanity, especially the pressing need for peace among the world’s religions.

In our work this morning, we continued our efforts to translate the priorities in our three areas of focus (evangelization and diffusion, the laity, and the new technologies) into concrete activities on the circumscription level, seeking to determine who will be responsible for the different initiatives, what persons/groups will be involved in them, and the timeframes–all elements that foreshadow our Circumscription Apostolic Projects, which the General Government hopes will be ready by the end of June 2012.

In our general assembly, abundant time was dedicated to discussing particular projects that could involve the entire continent.

Today, time was also set aside for “specialized meetings”: all our circumscription superiors and bursars met to discuss issues specific to their roles, while the sisters in charge of production and diffusion gathered together to exchange ideas on the commercial level. A third group of sisters poured their energies into drawing up our Global/Continental Apostolic Project, the fruit of our labors in these days.

This evening the members of the Generalate community will join us for a fraternal supper.

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