info-23 january 2012

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The Word that the Liturgy proposes to us every day continues to accompany us in an effective and ever-fresh way, reminding us of the stages on which our apostolic vocation is founded. Today in particular it prompted us to thank God wholeheartedly for the gift of the mission we have been called to carry out and for all the sisters who, together with us, have dedicated their lives to the proclamation of the Gospel, whether on the front lines or behind the scenes. In fact, in spite of the problems of the present moment, the vital lymph of profound apostolic passion is circulating throughout the Congregation. As the Final Document of our 8th General Chapter put it so clearly: “Apostolic passion springs from a single source: love for God, which compels us to communicate him, and love for humanity, which prompts us to find the right languages and instruments to ensure that our message will reach the hearts of everyone” (CD 2001, 31).

This morning we refined some of the proposals we had been working on over the past few days concerning the image and apostolic service of our book centers, the participation of the laity in our mission and the use of digital technologies.

In our general assembly, we dedicated substantial time to a “meditative” reflection on the rough draft of our Project so as to prioritize the areas we felt were “do-able” and thus produce a more detailed communal plan, specifying stages, timeframes and the persons/groups that will take responsibility for the initiatives.

The work is demanding but we are serene, fortified by the prayers being offered for us to the Lord from every part of the world. Many thanks!


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